Clinical Pilates (MBCT)

History of Clinical Pilates:

Joseph Pilates was born in Hamburg, Germany in 1880.  He was a keen boxer & professional athlete and was interned as an enemy during WWII.  During this time he developed a method of exercising bed ridden soldiers with home-made equipment to ‘rehabilitate’ them – “Pilates”.  Post war he branched out into the performing arts.

From Clinical Pilates……. to Movement Based Classification & Treatment (MBCT)

This is a research backed & proven Physiotherapy method of assessing and treating you based on movement patterns.  It has been extensively used to determine if orthopaedic surgery is needed or not.

It involves a detailed verbal assessment: looking for patterns of injuries, considering all medical & physical conditions, lifestyle, short term & long term goals. It then involves a detailed physical assessment before deciding with you on what should form part of your treatment.

This approach is used to improve your well being and achieve your physical potential in situations including:

  • Pre & post surgery or surgery prevention
  • Complex / chronic condition including arthritis, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, dysautonomia & neurological conditions
  • Lower back, neck & upper back problems
  • Lumbar & pelvic instability including pelvic floor weakness
  • Recurring / persistent injuries affecting one or more muscles or joints of the body eg shoulder, hamstrings……..often all on one side of the body!
  • Sports injuries, sport-specific performance enhancement & injury prevention
  • Falls & balance issues
  • Pre & post natal women
  • Deficits in strength & coordination

We may develop an individually tailored, supervised program in the clinic using the latest dma Clinical Reformer or Trapeze, or use other equipment such as hand weights, therabands, The Glute Rack or Dura Discs!

Consultation Costs:

Initial Consultation:

First consultation involving detailed assessment, goal setting and starting the treatment process.

Full Cost:   $125*           ($105* with an approved concession card)

Standard Consultations:

These consultations are used to provide & further develop your treatment (including a supervised program within the clinic and/or for home if applicable).  You are assessed, treated & re-assessed with the aim of targeting short & long term goals that you identify initially.  Goals & treatments are modified as appropriate.

Full Cost:   $92*           ($82* with an approved concession card)

Short or Co-Treatment Consultations:

These consultations are applicable if your treatment involves a fully developed program to complete within the clinic as part of your Physiotherapy treatment.  This is only available when we determine your condition is relatively stable.  You are assessed pre & post your consultation and your program is adjusted as needed.

Full Cost:    $62*           ($57* with an approved concession card)

We do not treat TAC & Worksafe funded clients and we’re not a Registered Provider for NDIS

What to Bring

Any relevant information regarding injuries / illnesses and medication as well as scans & their reports (eg xray, MRI) . You don’t have to have a doctor’s referral.

Please wear comfortable clothing eg tracksuit pants / leggings / shorts. You must wear Gripper Socks (you may bring your own OR these are available for purchase from $8-$12) if you will be using the dma Clinical Reformer or Trapeze. You may bring your own towel & water bottle. Filtered water is available free of charge.

Make a Booking

Sessions can be organised at any time during our normal clinic hours (subject to availability).

Please phone / email us in advance to obtain an appointment time / date.

Footnote: * costs applicable from 1st July 2021 until 31st June 2022