Clinical Pilates

History of Clinical Pilates:

Joseph Pilates was born in Hamburg, Germany in 1880. He was a keen boxer & professional athlete and was interned as an enemy during WWII. During this time he developed a method of exercising bed ridden soldiers with home-made equipment to ‘rehabilitate’ them – “Pilates”. Post war he branched out into the performing arts.

Our Clinical Pilates ……specific to YOU:

Clinical Pilates is a physiotherapy-based approach to Pilates exercise. It is not just looking at the ‘core’ muscles but how you communicate & control the entire body (addressing nerve and brain functioning as well!). It incorporates a detailed assessment of all participants (including Real Time Ultrasound imaging where appropriate) with respect to identifying safe & effective exercises that are specific to the individual’s functioning, injuries or body make up. It also considers injury diagnosis & can be used in conjunction with other Physiotherapy Services, Chiropractic Services, Osteopathy, Myotherapy and Remedial Massage but as part of our physiotherapy management of you.

Our sessions are carried out using the latest dma Clinical PilatesTM Reformer and Trapeze Table. We also aim to provide you with a tailored Home Exercise Program mimicking the program that we’ve designed for the clinic so in time you should be able to self-manage with your program at home!

All Clinical Pilates sessions are claimable on HICAPS / Private Health Cover** if you have Extras, Enhanced Primary Care Program (Medicare)** and Department of Veteran’s Affairs (DVA), if it is part our Physiotherapy Management of your condition / injury with relevant Physiotherapy item numbers, referrals & costing applicable.
We do not treat TAC & Workcover funded clients

clinical1Clinical Pilates………is it for me??

Some of the situations that Clinical Pilates are appropriate for include:

  • Lower Back problems
  • Lumbar & Pelvic Instability including pelvic floor weakness
  • Neck & Upper Back Problems
  • Recurring / persistent injuries affecting one or more muscles or joints of the body eg shoulder, hamstrings……..often all on one side of the body!
  • Sports Injuries, Sport-specific Performance Enhancement & Injury Prevention
  • Pre & Post Surgery Rehabilitation
  • Falls and Balance Issues
  • Pre & Post Natal Women
  • General Fitness
  • Dysautonomia & ANS

Types of Clinical Pilates offered:

Initial Assessment

This is the most important first step to beginning a Clinical Pilates Program. The assessment can be organised at any time during our normal clinic hours (subject to availability). It involves a detailed assessment of you and may include a Real-Time Ultrasound evaluation of your abdominals & pelvic floor muscles in particular.

Duration:             up to 45min           Full Cost:   $115* ($98* with an approved concession card)

1:1 sessions:

Important for designing & developing your individual Clinical Pilates Program. Sessions can be organised at any time during our normal clinic hours (subject to availability). Typically 4-6 sessions are required to progress to 1:2 sessions or you can chose to remain in 1:1 sessions.

Duration:             ~ 30mins               Full Cost:   $86* ($77* with an approved concession card)

1:2 sessions:

These sessions are applicable once a program is developed & stable, an alternative to individual standard sessions to continue your Clinical Program – you may elect to come with a friend or family (who we’ve also designed a program for) or we can find someone with similar availability to you.

Duration:            ~ 30mins              Full Cost:    $55* ($52* with an approved concession card)


What to Bring

Any relevant information regarding injuries / illnesses and medication as well as scans & their reports (eg xray, MRI) . You don’t have to have a doctor’s referral.

Please wear comfortable clothing eg tracksuit pants / leggings / shorts. You must wear Pilates Socks (you may bring your own OR these are available for purchase from $8-$12). You may bring your own towel & water bottle. Filtered water is available free of charge.

Make a Booking

Sessions can be organised at any time during our normal clinic hours (subject to availability).

Please phone / email us in advance to obtain an appointment time / date.


Footnote: * costs applicable from 1st July 2018 until 31st June 2019

** Gap Fees may apply