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Teleconsultations are a way of delivering high quality physiotherapy if & when our doors are closed to face-to-face physiotherapy or when face-to-face consultations are not appropriate. Physiotherapy Teleconsultations are online via video & audio from your Android or Apple phone, tablet or desktop computer (if you have a webcam set up) to us at the clinic / working from home!

Teleconsultations are not suitable for everyone and if we believe you need further investigations (eg xray) or hands-on physical assessment, we will suggest that you see your own Doctor or another physiotherapist, chiropractor etc that is still providing face-to-face services.

We understand that you may not have access to exercise equipment at home, but there are a lot of ways we can teach you just using items within your home and using your own body weight. Therabands can be purchased & posted to you if necessary.

Exercise programs designed for you can be emailed and may include either custom designed, dma Clinical Pilates Exercise sheets or programs designed on TeleHab.

TeleHab is a software that gives you demonstration videos of your exercise program. You may then video yourself, doing your exercises and upload them, allowing us to check your technique.

There are currently some rules & regulations to be able to access telehealth under your Private Health Insurance (if your insurance is participating) – see below. Medicare / EPC (Enhanced Primary Care) & DVA are now covered until the 30th June 2021 with private paying clients also most welcome!

Making Teleconsultations

We’d prefer you to email us on to request a teleconsultation or use the contact form on our website.  Please ensure you include a phone number.

We will schedule a teleconsultation and email you with login details and instructions.

DVA clients will be bulked-billed for every consultation permitted.  All remaining new clients (including Medicare) will be invoiced for their teleconsultation prior to the appointment and must be prepaid (Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) only).  Existing clients will be invoiced on conclusion of their teleconsultation and the cost is time dependent.

Private Health Insurance (APA GUIDELINES)

Several private health funds have agreed to provide benefits for individual (one on one) physiotherapy teleconsultations where:

  • The customer is undergoing an existing course of treatment and the customer has seen the physiotherapist over the past six months, or
  • For new patients, the tele-physiotherapy service has been recommended by their general practitioner or relevant medical specialist, and
  • The primary condition being treated is one of:
    • Post orthopaedic surgery rehabilitation (e.g. Total hip or knee replacement)
    • Chronic musculoskeletal condition (e.g. osteoarthritis)
    • Cardiac rehabilitation
    • Pulmonary rehabilitation, or
    • pelvic floor muscle training
  • The service is undertaken in accordance with Australian Physiotherapy Association guidelines.

Health fund members should check with their health fund to see if they will cover tele-physiotherapy consultations. Some funds may impose additional conditions.

Medicare & DVA

We must receive / already have a valid DVA or Medicare / EPC referral from your GP.  Referrals can be faxed to 9752 5320 or emailed to

Medicare: You will need your bank account details up to date with Medicare.  Please also provide the latest Medicare Card Number, Patient Ref Number and Expiry Date.  Your rebate will be processed once full payment is received.

DVA: we require your full name and DVA number from your card.  If you a White Card Holder: we require the exact details of what you are covered for.

Teleconsultations Costs:

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Footnote: * costs applicable from 1st July 2023 until 31st June 2024